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Cat eye glasses,
Even in the tub so I can
Feel the glam
And see
I am always the meeting place between
Pleasure and functionality
Listening to Dua Lipa in my olive oil bath
I poured extra virgin into the tub, added lavender bubbles
Hot hot water
I am soup
My body eases in
To the tub
To the music
To my early 40’s
To the reality that even though I felt one way for a long time
Now I must feel another
Love came, love went, love will return better and new
Lather, rinse, repeat. …

Because I am Feeling Nostalgic for Old School Feminism and the Potential of Empowerment

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

I am feeling a bit nostalgic. My daughter is 12, soon to be 13. And I know it is always the case, but have you all noticed how music is not the same as it used to be? But no, really. I like a lot of ‘today’s hits’ I am not here to shout get off my lawn, but when it comes to music that will seriously empower my preteen daughter to thrive in this life and society, I cannot seem to find many songs from now that will rise to that occasion.

So, I am going to try to…

Summer is Here and the Kids are Hungry!

Photo by Douglas Bagg on Unsplash

It’s summer and kids are home and free from all of that virtual or in-person school work, and school stress. It is time for swimming, playing outside, having friends over and of course, if you are a parent of, or know a preteen, it is time for eating, snacking, eating, and snacking some more. Kids love food and of course, need to eat. These preteens are growing every day in every way!

As a mom who is happy to be the mom to the house that my daughter’s friends all enjoy hanging out in, I am familiar with hunting and…

Reflections on a Lifelong Relationship with Showy Shouty Christianity

Photo by Krycheck Cre on Unsplash

My daughter and I loved the movie Cruella. We have watched it twice. And so far, no one is obsessed with Satan, or the Devil, or trying to destroy Christianity because of it. In fact, we are mostly inspired and in awe because the movie was fierce, feminist, and fun.

But lurking out there in everyone’s social media is that one religious friend or relative posting memes about keeping kids away from Cruella because it is the Devil and against God. I am not sure of the exact argument but it has to do with the use of the words…

Grappling With Systemic Racism and Racial Justice in the Law

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Governor Steve Sisolak has signed Assembly Bill 88 which specifically prohibits using “a name, logo, mascot, song or other identifier associated with the Confederate States of America or a federally recognized Indian tribe,” unless a tribe has specifically granted a school permission to do so.

Along with this, the law will require schools with Native American/Tribal themed or stereotyped mascots to change their mascots/logos/songs/other identifiers.

The fight to stop using American Indians as mascots for sports teams is a long one and one that has been fought on local, state and national sports levels.

Some are wondering if this will…

A Girl With Glasses Film Review

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

We all knew Disney’s Cruella would be wonderful. The trailers alone were powerful pops of women behaving badly in glamorous ways. Needless to say, Cruella did not disappoint.

As someone who is not a fan of the original 101 Dalmatians, I have always been a fan of Cruella. Awful right? But I have always separated her from her dog-killing ways in 101 Dalmatians. And this film redeems her of all of that harmful baggage. …

And It’s the Best Wedding Some of Us Will Ever Attend

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

Don’t sleep on this adorable month! I mean, sure it is wedding season out here too, in the real world but for some of us that does not mean much. But wedding season in Animal Crossing is adorable, practical, and let’s face it, not really a wedding at all but a recreation of wedding photos for a pair of Alpacas celebrating an anniversary on Harv’s island for some reason.

In Animal Crossing, we don’t ask why. We just enjoy.

So here’s the scoop: Go to the Airport. Talk to the Dodo’s. Tell them you want to fly. Go to Harv’s…

Do You Really Need One More Thing?

Photo by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. We are browsing a website for a product we like, just virtual window shopping and that little box pops up asking for our email. It offers us a deal of some sort — free shipping, ten percent off maybe — so we give in and now we are on yet another email list.

Our inbox is inundated. Our senses overloaded. All we wanted to do was look. And now we get reminders almost daily about what we looked at and telling us our deal is going to expire. The next week there are emails about more…

Reflections on Race, Whiteness, Solidarity and Social Movements

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

Race and racism are complex topics in American history. And in American present. Prior to yesterday, I would have called myself an anti-racist. I am white. I teach Sociology. I read every book I can get my hands on about race, racism, racial justice, and yes, critical race theory in America. I vote for folks who do not want to make things worse for people of color.

Oh heck, I just have to say it — I want to call myself an anti-racist but, now I think that term is becoming ……

Jenny Justice

Poet | Mom | Sociologist | Author | Brings Poetry to life with empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Poetry Fangirl ❤POM Poet❤

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