A Poem

Cat eye glasses,
Even in the tub so I can
Feel the glam
And see
I am always the meeting place between
Pleasure and functionality
Listening to Dua Lipa in my olive oil bath
I poured extra virgin into the tub, added lavender bubbles
Hot hot water
I am soup
My body eases in
To the tub
To the music
To my early…

Wildfire Smoke Outside, Delta Inside

As I look outside my window here in Nevada, I see two things that I did not see last year: intense wildfire smoke with bad air quality and little kids walking to school. I think to myself, wow we have really already normalized this.

Last year, recall that in the…

Hint: Whatever Makes You Feel Your Best!

As I write this I am torn between my leopard print jumpsuit and a red white and blue tiered off shoulder maxi dress. Why? Because tomorrow I have a date. It’s time. I feel ready. And I feel so nervous and so excited!

But this is not about me, this…

Observations from The West in Wildfire Season

I am writing this as I look out my window. The sky is so strange, everything is a bit yellow and when I walked outside to take the trash out it all felt kind of ominous and weird. I remember last summer felt like this too, for days and days…

A Girl With Glasses Book Review




  1. a female fox.
  2. INFORMAL a spirited or fierce woman, especially one seen as sexually attractive

Published June 29th, 2021, The Vixon, a novel by Francine Prose takes us back to the early 1950s and to a nation in turmoil over what it means to be an American…

A Poem

On the drive down to Vegas we saw
Wild horses, wild donkeys, a dead bloated cow, upside down
Military secrets, signs for hazardous waste
We saw where aliens might have landed, might land still
Where bombs go off and off and off, testing 1, 2, 3
In perpetuity

We saw…

On Plans, Life Lessons and the Kindness of Strangers

We were ready to wrap up our short Vegas vacation. My car, a 2011 Subaru, made the drive down so I assumed she could make the drive back — 7 hours through the desert, with few towns in between. …

Jenny Justice

Poet | Mom | Sociologist | Author | Brings Poetry to life with empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Poetry Fangirl ❤POM Poet❤

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